For the holiday maker who is looking for a more permanent place, where he / she can enjoy all year round stays, we also have annual pitches. This primarily concerns mobile homes. We have three types of annual pitches.

A standard year pitch is approximately 90 m2 and has a 6 Ampere electricity connection, a private water supply, a sewer connection and cable TV (Caiway). Here you can place your caravan as well for a longer or shorter time.

  • A year pitch plus, equals a standard year pitch, but is about 140 m2 and has a 10 Ampere electrical connection.
  • A year pitch luxury is about 140 m2 and has a 16 Ampere electrical connection, a gas connection, its own water supply, sewer connection and cable TV (Caiway).
    Currently, there are only a few standard year pitches available.

For further information please contact us by email or phone.

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